Level 13-16 Perks

Adamantium Skeleton (Ranks 2) (lv 14, Non-Robot)

With each perk your bones thicken to the consitancy of steel, granting a natural +5 DT.

Chem Resistant (rank 1) (lv 16 Medicine 60%, Non-Robot)

Having the Chem Resistant perk means you’re 50% less likely to develop an addiction to chems, like Psycho or Jet.

Chemist (rank 1) (lv 14 Medicine 60%, Non-Robot)

With the Chemist perk, any chems you take last twice as long.

Cybernetics (rank 1) (lv 14 Science 60% and Medicine 60%, Non-Robot, Non-Cyborg)

You’ve made permanent enhancements to your body! The Cybernetics perk instantly adds +10% to your Damage, Poison, and Radiation Resistances, and 10 points to the Energy Weapons skill.

Healing Factor (Rank 1) (lv 16 End 10, Mutant-Only)

Wolverine has nothing on you! You now have superhuman healing. Every 10 seconds / combat round you recover HP equal to your heal rate. Every 3 hours you are healed of any crippling injury.

Light Step (rank 1) (lv 14 Agi 6 and Per 6, Non-Robot or Mutant)

You never set off landmines or floor traps. However your companions still can, and you can still take damage from the traps.

Superior Defender (rank 1) (lv 16 End 6)

Your a one man army! You gain +5% damage and +10 DR next round if you spent the last round defending.

Swing for the Fences (rank 1) (lv 14 Melee +60%)

You are the MVP of your team! You gain +10% damage with melee weapons.

Pitt Fighter (rank 1) (lv 16 Str 7)

A real scrapper doesn’t fight fair, and neither do you! You gain +10% DR and +10 damage when unarmed. (both the DR and damage apply only when unarmed or using unarmed weapons)

Center of Mass (rank 1) (lv 14 Big Guns 70%)

Accuracy is just another weakness. With this perk every attack that hits the enemy’s torso deals 15% additional damage.

Jury Rigging (rank 1) (lv 14 Repair 80%)

Your tool box contains only your best tools! Duct tape. With this perk you no longer need exact parts when making repair checks. As long as the materials are similar, your good to go! (I.E. to fix a damaged wheel you wouldn’t need a spare tire, but rather some rubber or adhesive!)

Purifier (rank 1) (lv 14)

Scourge of the wasteland, hunter of the abominable! You are the purifier. With this perk you deal 50% more damage against abominations with unarmed or melee attacks.

Meltdown (rank 1) (lv 16 Energy Weapons 80%)

Enemy’s killed by your energy weapons have the unfortunate side-effect of emitting a harmful corona of energy when killed! Better take a step or two back…
(The corona’s damage is equal to your energy weapon’s damage, and has a splash radius of 3 meters) (The corona does not deal critical damage or cripple limbs)

Weapon Handling (rank 1) (lv 16 Str < 10)

You’ve forgone physical strength for specialized training. All weapon Strength requirements are reduced by 2!

Level 13-16 Perks

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