Level 21-24 Perks

Deep Sleep (rank 1) (lv 21, Non-Robot)

You are a heavy sleeper, and therefore are much more beneficial to yourself and others when fully rested. You gain 10% more experiance for the next 8 hours as long as you have had a full 8 hours of rest before hand.

Devil’s Highway (rank 1) (lv 23)

You instantly become irrovocably evil. Your karma becomes -1000 (maximum evil)

Escalator to Heaven (rank 1) (lv 23)

You instantly become an avatar of saint-hood. Your karma becomes 1000 (maximum good)

Karmic Rebalance (rank 1) (lv 24)

You have learned to balance out the good or evil thoughts, becoming a “greyman” of the wastes. Your karma is set to 0.

No Weaknesses (rank 1) (lv 24)

All your SPECIAL scores become 5 (higher skills remain at their value). This can go above racial minimum.

Slayer (rank 1) (lv 22 Agi 8 Str 8 Melee 80%)

The Slayer walks the earth! With a successful Luck roll, all of your hits in melee or unarmed combat are upgraded to critical hits – causing destruction and mayhem. (must make a new luck roll each round)

Grey Matters (rank 3) (lv 24 Agi 7)

You receive 20% less damage per rank on critical hits to the head.

Laser Commander (rank 1) (lv 22 Energy Weapons 80%)

You’ve mastered the art of energy warfare. Now you deal an extra 15% damage with energy weapons, and have a +10% chance to critically hit!

Spray and Pray (rank 3) (lv 22)

With a bit of luck, good spirit, and sheet willpower you manage to litter the battlefield with lead, with minimal damage to your friends! With this perk stray rounds do 15% less damage (per rank) to your allies!

Level 21-24 Perks

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